Not able to receive channel state notifications using ari-py


I am following the tutorial in [color=#FF0000][/color] and have downloaded and installed [color=#FF0000][/color] in my system. I am able to interact with ARI using [color=#FF0000]wscat[/color] per [color=#FF0000][/color] and I see channel creation/state change/deletion notifications that in the [color=#FF0000]wscat[/color] log. However, when I run [color=#FF0000][/color] in another terminal in the same machine (connecting to [color=#FF0000]http://localhost:8088[/color] like the tutorial), I do not see the channel creation, deletion and state modification messages. The only message I see are either [color=#FF0000]No channels currently :frowning:[/color] or, if I have a current channel running, and then I fire up [color=#FF0000][/color], I see the current channel information. However, I do not see the notification when I hang up the same call. I think this is due to the fact that the event callbacks in [color=#FF0000]ari-py[/color], specifically the lines:

client.on_channel_event('StasisStart', stasis_start_cb) client.on_channel_event('StasisEnd', stasis_end_cb)

don’t seem to work.

Any ideas on how to fix this is appreciated.

Thanks for reading my post, but I have figured out the problem.

The issue is that the last line in [color=#FF0000][/color] in [color=#FF0000][/color] should be

and not

as is stated in the aforementioned page.