Non-blocking Playback()


exten = s,1,Answer() exten = s,n,Wait(1) exten = s,n,Playback(welcome_3seconds) exten = s,n,Dial(...)

Dail(…) takes some time so I would like to start dialing while welcome sound is played. Both Playback() and Background() apps wait until sound finishes and then returns control do Dial().

Is it possible?

If you’re going to Read() digits anyhow, just use Read() to play the file.

“filename” is the name of the file to be played. Ta-da!

I’m not going to Read() digits. Just want to playback a sound.

I had request - to play notification to both parties (established call). I used whisper there - and that way it was possible to play file to both parties simultaneously. I suppose, you can use whisper, or music on hold - check option m.