Non-agi mysql query wait time set

I’d like to configure my dialplan to query a database that can sometimes be slow, but the query happens as the call comes in before it gets to the intended queue, can you configure asterisk (without using an AGI to jump into PHP or something) to only wait 1.5 ~ 2 seconds before giving up and continuing executing the dialplan?

My situation is iv’e got an intermittant issue with a server that has a lot of data, and i’d like to see if it can find a name to an incoming callers number, problem is that it’s a server that’s too busy sometimes to answer the query in less than 2 seconds. And my dialplan will happily wait till it answers the query, but it increases the wait time for the caller too much so they hangup.

i get the feeling it’s a setting in the odbc.ini file, but can’t seem to easily find the right answer.

Any and all help is appreciated, unless you tell me to speed up my database :smile: