Node-ari-client users: what version of Node do you use?

[Note: this is a cross post from the asterisk-dev mailing list. If we shouldn’t cross post please let me know… just trying to reach as many people as possible.]

Hi everyone,

We recently merged a critical bug fix to node-ari-client master branch that only affected users of Node 6.3+. This fix was in the ‘ws’ library. By upgrading to the necessary version to address the bug, we consumed a major version upgrade, which came with a drop in support for Node 0.10. Because of this, we bumped the major version on node-ari-client to indicate the breaking change.

As a part of this, the question of what Node versions people are using came up. We’d like to support as many client users as possible, while also moving the project forward so that it can take advantage of newer language features available in later versions of Node.

So, what version of Node do you use?