No Response in the CLI

Hi, I install Asterisk with libpri, zaptel and addons, the sip provider is and when i configure the sip.conf and extensions.conf do some testing its just busy and no response from the CLI during the call.

Heres my sip.conf



and the extensions.conf

exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@vitel-outbound)
exten => _011.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@vitel-outbound)

; e911 must be enabled. see DIDs > NPANXXNXXX > Action > e911
exten => _911,1,Dial(SIP/911@vitel-outbound)

exten => my_phone_number_,1,Answer

Also I notice when i type “reload” in the CLI mode i got these ff. warnings:

-- Reloading module '' (Zapata Telephony)

== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/zapata.conf’: Found
[Apr 28 02:24:02] WARNING[32462]: chan_zap.c:11231 process_zap: Ignoring switchtype
[Apr 28 02:24:02] WARNING[32462]: chan_zap.c:11231 process_zap: Ignoring signalling
[Apr 28 02:24:02] WARNING[32462]: chan_zap.c:11231 process_zap: Ignoring rxwink
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/users.conf’: Found

Thanks for any help.

Did you check what is the currently “verbose” setting of Asterisk CLI? Please set your CLI higher verbosity with this command “asterisk -rvvvvvvvvv” and then retry to make a call. Whether your CLI response?
Your sincerely!
Duc Viet To Ho

Hi blue_skye,

Thanks for the reply but still no response from the CLI :confused:

Ok :smile: if you did set the verbose for Asterisk CLI but there is still no reponse so there might be some wrong with your configuration. Did you check the context of you sip phone (the one that you use to make call), it it “outbound” value? If your context of your calling phone lead to nowhere so surely that it will be hangup immediately. If possible, please send your Sip phone configuration (sip.conf and extensions.conf)…
By the way, did you check the log of Asterisk, /var/log/asterisk/full, it might show you somethings.
I hope this times more helpful :confused:

Your sincerely
Duc Viet To Ho

Actually this is my 2nd asterisk installation after we move to the new server, In the old server works fine but after the move it didn’t work now. I follow the sip and extensions configuration in the old server so im sure its fine and correct.

Anyway Im running CentOs 4.5.

Ahh, ok!
If you just copy asterisk config folder and paste it to the new one so it can not be wrong.
I can not find any problem with your posted config neither… There is only 1 common reason why Asterisk CLI does not response is that it is set to 1. I think that besides checking it by myself, i can not help you more from here but i sense that it is a very little bug, can you search through the asterisk log to see whether there is something wrong?
Hope that you can solve your problem soon
Your sincerely!
Duc Viet To Ho

What do you mean?

I appreciated your help, Thanks. Hope to get resolved this issue.