No matching endpoint found issue fixing

How fix this issue?

[Feb 14 15:17:41] NOTICE[64543]: res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c:676 log_failed_request: Request 'OPTIONS' from '<sip:>' failed for '' (callid: 1931932294142202415200@ - No matching endpoint found

Check that should be sending to you, and, if it shouldn’t, take steps to trace it and stop or block it.

If it should, is it misbehaving? If not, there is no problem, in relation to this message, although there may be a problem for incoming calls from it.

If it should, make sure you have a valid type=identify section with a match= that covers that address, and the endpoint that corresponds to that device.

What is the meaning of this “OPTION” ?

Ensure that you have configured endpoints in your Asterisk configuration that match the SIP devices or clients attempting to communicate with Asterisk. Check the configuration files (e.g., pjsip.conf or sip.conf ) to verify that endpoints are defined correctly with appropriate settings such as type , transport , and context .

Check your firewall and network configuration to ensure that traffic from the IP address is allowed to reach your Asterisk server on port 5060 . Also, verify that network connectivity between the SIP device/client and Asterisk is functioning properly.

check this steps may be it will work.

Most people use it just to check whether there is SIP UAS present, and any well formed response is perfectly adequate for that. Asterisk. itself, uses it that way.

Thanks @david551 and @danishhafeez

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