No Caller ID Display in Asterisk Console

With regard to the above matter, I have encountered a problem with Briker.

I have subscribe to caller ID feature from our telco provider. However, when an incoming call is received into Asterisk Server, there is no caller ID displayed in asterisk console. We tried to connect the PSTN directly to analogue phone, and I manage to view caller ID when an incoming call is received.

Also, I have this GSM device which allows us to insert SIM card and connected to Asterisk Server using RJ11 cable. Again I am unable to get caller ID in asterisk console when we received an incoming call.

May I know what are the possibilities that cause such thing to happen? Any solution to solve this issue in Briker?

First Issue:
Using GSM module to connect to Asterisk Server. Able to make call, but unable to receive caller ID

Second Issue:
I have install 1 unit TDM Card with 4 units of FXO cards. We noticed that 1 of the phone line (using RJ11 cable) unable to get caller ID once we connect to Asterisk Server.
But able to show caller ID if we connect to normal phone.
I have try to connect the phone line using different port at TDM card and try to using other FXO cards, but the problem still persist.