No Call out option


We are planning o implement a no call out from some of our users using sjphone, need help on how to do this :frowning: will be setting up some users that does not need to have an outbound but will receive calls.


On the SIP account give it a context such as

In your extensions.conf add


Since you have no rules on how to handle their dialing this accomplish no outbound calls.

If you want them to know, add something like:

exten => _X.,1,Playback(SorryNoOutCallsForYou)

(of course you need to make a file with whatever you wish to say and name it appropriately)

thanks will try it now :smile:

This could be achieved in a dynamic way. like one context for all users, then save the call out and no call option in the database. use AGI to control it. it is easy

It is really easy, please visit
Save your NO CALL option in mysql db and do it dynamically.