No "Authorization" on REGISTER

I am trying to create a registration in pjsip.
I am comparing the packet sent using chan_sip with the one I created.
The one I created is missing the Authorization line in the register packet.

pjsip1.txt (610 Bytes)

Authorization is only sent one the challenge information in the 401 has been received. Your second example is incomplete, as it doesn’t include the initial attempt and the 401 Unauthorised response.

You are actually getting 404 Not Found, which indicates a problem in the request URI, or possibly the To URI. You have redacted the domain parts of these in the good case, so I’m going to have to guess it something other than You need to put whatever was in under the red splodge in the request URI in your server URI and whatever was under the red splodge in the To header, in your client URI.

Also make sure that what is under the red splodge in your failing To header, is the same as in the good To header.

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Yes, you are right, It works!
But on chan_sip I saw it was sending the Authorization on the first packet.


It would only send on first if it had had a previous 401 exchange. There is a value, nonce, that can only be obtained from the 401.

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