No 181 call is being forwarded message

Hello, everyone.
When I redirect calls either with the redirecting function or with PJSIP_HEADER, I do not see the 181 information message being sent to the caller. The diversion headers are OK, the redirecting actually occurs. How to send it?

That’s not redirecting the call exactly. It’s just placing the information in the SIP message. You’d need to show exactly what you’re doing, what you’re expecting to happen and to each channel.

Thank you. I’ve both tried the example with the REDIRECTING function from the known page “Manipilating party information…” AND PJSIP_HEADER, which gives an ability to place a custom diversion header. Neither of them did not send this 181 message.

Right, because they aren’t written or meant to do that. In the case of REDIRECTING it just changes the value and in the case of PJSIP_HEADER it just adds a SIP header. They don’t send redirecting. I don’t believe there is any functionality to send the 181 from dialplan.

Thank you. Since it’s only an information message, I will do without it. The redirecting itself works fine.

Can I send it with the MessageSend() application? As I understand, first I should send Proceeding(), then MessageSend() with the 181 message. How should this message look?

MessageSend does not support sending 181 SIP responses.

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