Newbie: Zaptel setup problems

Hi all, I am having trouble with Zaptel configuration… I have configured zaptel.conf and zapata.conf and they both look fine… The main problem is after a reboot… The ZAP options are missing from the * CLI… I have to manually run ztcfg then restart asterisk for the zap channels to be recognised… Is there a way to get ztcfg to autorun when booting?

I setup a couple of 1.2 boxs about a year ago with no problems… Is this a configuration issue that i have missed… There must be a way of configuring the * box to work without manual intervention…

Thanks in advance,


If you do a make config in zaptel it will add the init scripts, then you just need to set zaptel to autostart.

Thanks for replying…

Yeah I did the ‘make config’ when I installed zaptel… I have tried this on three diferent installs (Fedora 4, 6, 7) all with the same results.

Is there an example of the init scripts available? Also where do you set zaptel to autostart?


try ‘service zaptel start’ from the command line, that should start zaptel.

If it does, you can either enable it as a system service (use ‘setup’ command), or just add it to /etc/rc.d/rc.local

I find the rc.local method works best, if you let the system start it as a service it seems to try & run before the rest of the hardware is in a stable state.

You can then also start asterisk / freepbx etc., in rc.local

I put a ‘sleep 5’ after starting zaptel to make sure it’s ready for asterisk to connect.

Strange, but I had the same problem with zaptel on Fedora, Suse and RedHat. I had to manually make startup files. I guess something’s wrong with startup file zaptel is creating with make config…