Newbie Question - Trying to resolve error messages


I have installed a test lab installation of Asterisk in order to try out the system prior

to deciding whether to purchase a Switchvox solution. Asterisk has been installed on a

Centos 6.5 OS and I have been trying to get used to it in conjunction with the "Asterisk

Essentials" training course (which turns out to be a little dated for my needs).

My test set-up includes two softphones (X-Lite on a MAC and a PC) as well as a Digium D40


All phones have registered successfully and have been tested, but I am seeing some errors

that I don’t understand and don’t seem to be able to source solutions for.

I was hoping I could get a little help please?


Asterisk 11.10.0 on x86_64 running Linux

Centos 6.5

LIBPRI 1.4.14

The errors;

The main one I am seeing is that the database is locked. It’s difficult to resolve because

in this version of Asterisk they seem to have changed databases to SQLite3 - that’s not

mentioned at all in my “Asterisk Essentials” course and I am not seeing a lot of reference

to this problem on the forums. Where this error is mentioned it’s not relating to SQLite3.

WARNING[23536]: db.c:288 db_execute_sql: Error executing SQL: database is locked
[Jun 12 11:11:28]

Has anyone seen this problem, and more importantly, does nayone know how to fix it?