Newbie Question: how to handle incoming (PSTN) calls

My cisco router forwards PSTN calls to the server, in which asterisk installed. How to configure asterisk to interacti with the PSTN call?

The asterisk deamon is running, when I dial xxxx, the router does forwarded the PSTN call. coz I tried OpenAM on the same server, it worked well.

Thanks in advance.

What is the Cisco Router routing to you that is a PSTN call? I presume this is some type of VoIP call coming from a PSTN/VoIP interconnection provider?

Additional background details are needed in order to understand what you are trying to do:

  • What is your Cisco Router?
  • What is it forwarded to your Asterisk server (ie - SIP traffic)?
  • Who is your provider that is sending you the ‘PSTN’ calls?

It’s cisco 3640/3660; another guy set up the xxxx number to forward the pstn calls to the server 192.168.x.x. I don’ t know the provider. I guess it’s SBC. I really cann’t answer your second question. What I knew is that when openam running on the server 192.168.x.x, I can call number xxxx to leave message.