Newbie: have hardware, need solutions; Adtran TA 924e, Digium 1A8B03F, 6 analog trunks


I’ve got CenturyLink delivering 4 bonded t1’s with voice service, terminating in an Adtran Total Access 924e (16fxo out going to a D-66 block, which then feeds 6 analog trunk lines to my Digium 1A8B03F). The Digium card is currently installed in a Lenovo thinkserver running ESXI 6, and PCI pass-through to a Elastix VM which contains an “unembedded freePBX” (whatever that is…got the thing from a place called NerdVittles). I configured everything through Elastix though so I’m not sure if that’s even relevant…but it’s there.

Frankly, I’ve no idea how I got this far in the first place. Or why (trying to save money I guess?).

Why Centurylink is delivering these voice lines as analog on FXO is beyond me. I mean, in the 924e configuration, I can see sip server Ip’s configured and all that. So I’m confused as to why it’s coming in on digital, then being converted into analog, then converted back to IP for my LAN/IP phones, etc…but I digress.

The point is that my digium card got auto-detected and configured by elastix on its own, I assigned it to dahdi g0, I use that as a broad inbound to my “welcome” IVR. Centurylink has provisioned my main phone number to be the dial-in for the hunt group, so when someone calls my business phone number, it automatically feeds into my pbx no matter which trunk its coming in on.

The problem is that my call quality just plain stinks. I’m sure I’ve got this setup completely wrong. I don’t even know where to start in fixing it. Biggest issue is a multi-second delay in calls. Some googling has brought me to question:

  1. Is the eSXI/pci passthrough the problem? Should I set the Digium card up on it’s own cheap dual-core desktop server loaded with Elastix?

  2. Is the Elastix setup the problem? Should I go to a clean AsterixNow install and run it that way? I’m scared of the configuring. Elastix was so easy…I like the menus :slightly_smiling: … but I’ll do what I gotta if that’s the issue.

  3. Am I not using my digium card correctly? I’ve seen people recommend that it be configured as a SIP gateway for my IP phones…I’m using Ubiquiti Unifi “pro” phones that get provisioned through the unifi controller, and the controller points to my Elastix server IP as the voice gateway, and the elastix says that I’ve got 6 extensions registered just fine (6 total phones). So it sounds like I’m using it as a gateway already?

I have to imagine that somehow I plugged everything in and by some unknown luck of the draw, it’s just “working” - something which you folks may or may not be able to explain. But I’m guessing that there are 7 ways to skin this cat, and I’m using the unlisted worst practice of #8.

Any line of questioning, any advice, and any flaming abusive condescension would be more than welcome (“why on earth is centurylink…just ask them to…”) - ANYTHING in your replies should hopefully turn over SOME stone that could lead me to a better place here. I’m happy to go back to the beginning and start over, if at least it doesn’t involve buying more hardware.

Thanks for your time!