New to Asterisk, learning and how to

First off, thanks to the Asterisk community for a great product and resources to learn and implement.

I have our first asterisk server up and running and can make internal calls etc.

We are currently using a hosted voip provider and planning a move to self-hosted Asterisk.

I’ve searched a bit for resources on line cards and/or sip trunking. I’m interested in technology documentation, pricing and implementation details. Basically trying to do a cost analysis and then subsequent implementation plan.

I know this is tough ground and devil in the details. Not looking for “the answer” … just some help getting started.

I’m considering FXO setup as our internet connection is unreliable. 8 lines. This choice would obviously exclude sip trunking. If our internet connection is down we can still make and receive phone calls.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

In most areas around the world it should be pretty difficult to buy analog and/or ISDN lines meanwhile. Sometimes LTE can be an option.

That said you can measure the quality of your internet connection. There are some test sites and the buffer bloat values are probably more important than throughput. With some luck it is the inhouse cabling, :grinning: .

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