New SIP client for Android

Hello everyone

We’re the developers of a new VoIP app, Sipnetic. If you use an Android SIP client, such as CSipSimple, Zoiper, or Linphone, you should check out Sipnetic. I’ll be glad to provide any info about this app.

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We are stuck to g.729 for many reasons, so, if you someday decide to add support for it we will definitely take a look on your app.

We’re going to add support for G.729 and G.722 in future releases. G.729 is a bit tricky, we’re still searching for a good implementation with permissive license.

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And how far away are these “classic” features?

Classic telephony features, such as multiple waiting calls, placing call on hold, sending DTMF digits. Call transfers are expected in future releases.

In the current release we have support for hold/resume, multiple simultaneous calls (only one call can be active), call waiting indication, and ability to send DTMF digits.

To send DTMF navigate back to the main app screen and use the “Dial Pad” tab. Sipnetic supports “telephone-event” (RFC4733/2733) and inband signaling.

We’ll add support for attended transfers in later versions. I think, in the next month.