New installation

Dear gurus :smile:

i work in a big NGO with several offices all around the world, and iā€™m seriously thinking to VoIP to reduce our annual bills of telecomunications (i really prefeir our money go to the field and real people than ISP!!!).

I would like to avoid the installation of several asterisk servers on each country (that means also a complex assistence and configurationā€¦not talking about maintenace!), and would like to image a central installation, somewhere on the cloud, shared for each country partecipating to the projectā€¦

yes, iā€™ll have to buy some incoming DID i image, be sure that the internet connectivity of each office is good and stable (and with a good backup where possible), maybe leave just a local PSTN line in case of emergenciesā€¦

my question is: anyone tested a similar solution? If yes, did you obtained good cost savings?
do you have any suggestion, recommendation?

thanks a lot!!!


Depends on how many users you will be having on each site. How many sites do you have and how many users per site do you have?

Also on how much traffic is local, and how important it is to be able to make local calls even when there is a network outage.

I agree to the point that the it to a very great extent depends upon the traffic and network outage and phone calls. I recently go the voip phone systems denver connections from the experts.