Network Traffic RTP/SRTP | Standardizied conversation

I have 2 questions for the community.

First and foremost, I want to show whether there are performance differences between RTP / SRTP. CPU / RAM / NW traffic
If yes, how do the differences evolve with 1,5,10,20 simultaneous conversations

1.) I measured almost no difference in the network traffic. If that’s OK, why? Aren’t the encrypted packets larger than unencrypted ones?

2.) Can I play recorded calls on a softphone (I use “BLINK”) so that the call is always the same. So my goal is a standardized conversation.

Not sure I got your second question. Do you want to send the same audio again and again towards Asterisk; and look how it does at decrypting?

The RTP packets get bigger because of the authentication. Therefore, if you go just for 32 instead of 80, you should see not so much bigger RTP packets. Anyway, Wireshark shows the byte length and that is bigger in case of sRTP.

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