Need urgent help with Astrisk config!


I’m not familiar with Asterisk very good. But i need to do 3 things:

  1. Deny calls for a specific number. For example: my company is situated in Moscow. And i want to deny calls from Moscow to St Petrsburg from a specific number.

  2. I need to be able to make direct calls from one phone to another: i hang up and without dialing i want to be connected to specified number.

  3. I need to configure Asterisk to make random calls to the numbers from the pool.

I’ll answer any questions for details.

Please help me!

  1. You can this with *.
  2. This is a phone function, so depends by the phone used.
  3. You can this with *.


Marco Bruni

That’s great!

But i don’t know HOW to do this. Can you explain me? Please.

About 2): i have 2 VoIP gateways and 2 phones… Gateways are connected to astrisk and both phones are registred. Fist phone has 101 number, the second has 102 number. I need to hang up 101 and without dialing 102 be connected ro another one. I’m using Siemens Euroset802 phones. No special functions… just phone.

  1. Check the caller id, the called number and then take the appropriate actions.
  2. Can’t help more about because I don’t use this devices.
  3. Use the dialplan rand function to generate a random number, then check the value generated and jump to a specific priority, which depends on the value generated, in this priority call a phone/gw number/id; if it’s applicable you can let rand generate a phone/gw number/id and then call it directly but be careful to have valid numbers/id generated.

Hope this helps.


Marco Bruni

Marco, would you be so kind to give me an example of configuration for 1) denying calls? Please!

What .conf file i need to edit for 1)? I really need help!

*CLI> core show function BLACKLIST

-= Info about function ‘BLACKLIST’ =-


Check if the callerid is on the blacklist

Uses astdb to check if the Caller*ID is in family ‘blacklist’. Returns 1 or 0.

This will block the caller completely. Try to google for ‘asterisk blacklist’ and you will see a lot of examples how people were doing such things before this function was introduced. The idea is to put ‘bad numbers’ into astdb and make a caller id check on each incoming call against the db.

I have asterisk 1.2… And what’s your version?