Need to run an AGI from dialplan only upon call hold

Hi there,

I’m new to Asterisk. I need to call (from dialplan) a macro or a gosub or an AGI upon one of the connected party in a bridged call (on sip trunk) puts the call on HOLD. Anyhelp greatly appreciated

PS: I looked into app_dial.c if I can capture AST_CONTROL_HOLD event, and call a macro, however once ast_bridge_call() is called, Dial app does not get mid-call events on the call (like AST_CONTROL_HOLD/AST_CONTROL_UNHOLD)

I also tried to use frame_trigger.c but it didn’t work too. I understand this is not a good approach.


You need to take this to the developer mailing list; it requires code changes, probably quite significant ones!

Thanks David, I shall post it into developers mail list.