Need to Load CDR data in MySql database

I need to do some programming to allow users to listen to recorded calls as well as write some custom acd reports.

I have figured out how to connect to the mysql asteriskcdrdb.cdr database but, the data I expected to be there is just not there. What I need to accomplish is the following:

  1. I need the unique number at the tail end of the recording files so that I can match up a recording to a detail record. How do I get to this number? The ARI seems to know how to get it is since it matches up calls to recordings nicely. Where is it getting this information?

  2. The call detail record is missing information needed for my acd report as well such as:
    a) call origination time
    b) call answered time
    c) call end time

Is there somewhere else I should be looking or is there a way to get this information to populate in the database? I have read some posts that refer to compiling addons but, I am not enough of a guru to know where that is or how to do it. Is there any step by step instructions in any documentation set that walks you through this?

Thanks in advance for helping me out.