Need help with "maxoutgoinglimit"

… or something to replace it.

I have a couple of flatrate and/or almost free sip accounts which should not be used for multiple concurrent calls.

So I thought I would set maxoutgoinglimit in the peer definitions in sip.conf, and do a ChanIsAvail on a string “sip/line1&sip/line2&sip/line2”, and then place the outgoing call on ${AVAILCHAN}.

However I find that maxoutgoinglimit is now deprecated and actually disabled in the source code, so this does not work.

The Superdial macro also does not seem to do this, because (a) it sets a single group for which it checks limits, and (b) it has no mechanism of looping through a number of lines, checking which is available.

What I would need is a MySuperDial macro which is passed a string of concatenated channel resources as mentioned above, which then loops over these resources and finds one that is not currently active, to place the call.

Any ideas, anyone?