Need help with DISA and CID and sip trunks

hi all ,

i have about 2 sip accounts :
i have 1 pstn line .

im running ealstxi 2.4.0
i ve installed DISA to my pstn number .

now when i call my pstn number i put the passwd and then i can access disa , " no problems in DISA"

but i have only problems when macthing the caller ids of the incomming customers that were calling me from the pstn line

i want to let some customers depending on thier pstn CIDS to go out from sp trunk1 and the others from sip trunk2 .

how could i do that ???

i will exlpain what i did and wish that u correct me :

1-I created sip trunk and letf CID blank

2- i created outbound route that match the sip trunk

as wee saw above ,

every thinng now is fine ,

if any one called DISA and put passwd and dialed a number 00125465987456
they can dial it ,


how let customers of specific CID to go out of sip trunk 1 and others from sip trunk 2 .

my problems is if i put caller id of incomming customers in the CID field , i hear "im sorry for busy now , plz check the number and dial again "

agian ,

my two sip accounts has the same config , but i want some customers go to sip1 trunk and other to sip2 based on CID afer then enter DISA



here is disa settings i lef CID blank ,

This software isn’t Asterisk itself. The only such software that might be supported on this board is considered obsolete.

Looks like Elastix FreePBX implementation.

hi ,
thanks all alot ,

actually it worked and all my work was correct ,

my major issue was that my trielas was from my pstn lines .

in summary DISA can keep on the incoming caller id and i can decisions based on it ,

thanks alot