Need help setting up 4 Channel GSM Asterisk

We are a Non Profit Corp trying to set up an ultra portable GSM based PBX to be used in third world countries and want to make sure that the equipment we purchase to experiment with will allow us to also do a small in-country trial run. Here are the specifications on the equipment we THINK might serve us:

  1. Sangoma W400-00e (4 channel GSM PCIe card)
  2. Stealth computer with Intel P8400 Core 2 Duo processor, 2.26GHz, 4 gig ram, 500 gig HD

Our intent is to use the box as an automated “robo” caller where we offer free information to clients. 3 phone lines will call out, 1 line will be for incoming calls.


  1. Has anyone ever setup a box like this using GSM as the telephony interface?
  2. Is the computer specified above capable of handling 4 simultaneous calls with mp3 messaging?
  3. Is there a more ideal hardware setup?

Would appreciate all comments, ideas, and suggestions.

yes . I had the same scenario before but I used openvox GSM card because they are cheaper and good enough . Stealth Computer will be enough for the task you said .

You can try with this GSM Gateway work excellent and is cheaper GOIP