Need Help Regarding setting default permission on messages

Hi All,
I need your help setting default permissions on messages log file.
for example want permissions to be 777 on /var/log/asterisk/messages after asterisk -rx “logger rotate”.
Please help me.
This is my first ever comment on any asterisk forum.

P.S: I have changed umask value of user but it does not works.
I think asterisk some were changes the permission by itself to 644 by default.

You definitely do not want to create files with mode 777! That is very poor security practice.

I haven’t checked, but I assume that Asterisk creates them with mode 666, modified by the umask of the Asterisk process.

Thanks David,
Actually i don’t want it to be 777 that was just an example.
Have tried umask method but not successful in that.
Have you tried that by your self?

Many thanks