Need help in registering SIp trunk in Pjsip.conf

Can any one tell me what is wrong in this pjsip.conf it is not getting registered, same config with asterisk 13 with sip.conf is working.


;register =>


type = registration
outbound_auth = airtel
server_uri =
client_uri =
retry_interval = 60
expiration = 3600

type = auth
auth_type = userpass
username =
password = XxxxxxX

type = endpoint
context = outbound-context
disallow = all
allow = ulaw
aors = airtel
outbound_auth = airtel

type = aor
contact =

type = transport
protocol = udp
bind =

Not without the logs. However, it is unusual to have a user part in the the server URI, any you seem to be missing a type=identify section.

Once you get past that, I don’t think any of your general section is valid. I think you have run this through a conversion tool, and that part of the output is rejects.

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