Need help, implementing auto-attendant with multi digit options

Hello guys, i need help, we have asterisk 16 and boss asked me to find solution. Let’s say you call to company and “robot” pick the call: this is xx company, if you want to change language press “1”, if you want to contact our support press “2” and so on. This is already set, but is there possibility to set the digit code for more than one digit (like press 12, 14, 654 and so on) ? If yes can somebody tell me how. Thank you very much.

Suggested title: implementing auto-attendant with multi digit options.

How is your current auto-attendant coded in Asterisk? With they way I would consider implementing it one would simply replace the one digit extensions by two digit ones. That way is the way in which you have one context for each menu state and use Background/Waitexten to read the user input.

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Actualy i don’t know anything about it. I’m just looking for some tutorials, advices etc., so i can forward it to our IT guys. Thank you for reply. I’ll forward him what you said, hope it help. Have a nice day

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