Need help for special setup

Hi there :smile:

We’re considering going from Cicso Callmanager vers. 6.1 til Asterisk.

So far we have managed to establish a funtional setup with AsteriskNOW 1.6/FreePBX 2.7 and a Digium AEX410 card with 4 FXO-ports. We have managed to get Cisco 794x phones to run as both SIP (preferred) and SKINNY + several softphones.

As this is a “test”-projekt (read: MUST not cost anything), we made 2 Cisco ATA 186 analogue boxes with 4 numbers on our Cisco Callmanager, and connected these to our Digium card. This in order to receiving 4 incoming lines without costs, well knowing that this is not a typical setup.

SO - now the problem!!: We can call from numbers within our Asterisk to each other and also to numbers on the Callmanager, but number is shown as the number the ATA 186 is configured with.

Any ideas on how to send local number, and also important - how to call IN to the Asterisk local numbers from outside, and not to the ATA 186 numbers???

Hope that the above is understandable :smile:. Don’t laugh, because at this stage we are totally Asterisk NEWBIES :wink:.

Best regards Jesper