NEC integrate with asterisk

i has been successful integrated nec with asterisk platform. Tested to make call from nec extension 382 to asterisk extension 898 success but the conversation only can hold 5 minute then hangup automatically. in other way, asterisk extension 898 call to nec 382 will manage to talk more many hour. Below is the sip trunk configuration at asterisk site and the link debug capture log for extension 382 to 898. Please help.

Trunk name: Outgoing


User context = 100

A five minute timeout is likely to be the result of session time misconfiguration.

is my our asterisk configuration?

do you all have any idea to fix this?

Obtain SIP traces and increase the verbosity to confirm that is the problem. Then proceed from there.

From the wire shark, I saw the next invite Sdp to asterisk but return 401 unauthorized. NEC keep continue then asterisk return 403 forbidden.

Turn off authentication on Asterisk or fix the error reported in the logs you did not provide.

Probably you need to turn off authentiation of the NEC, but keep authentication of Asterisk, by using remotesecret, rather than secret.

There is no type on Outgoing. Should normally be peer. There is usually no need for incoming at all, but if you have it, you should have a host setting. “Trunk name” and “User context” are invalid parameter names, at least to Asterisk.