NCH Software Express Talk 4.04 - Wrong password

Maybe someone knows or has run into problems registering Express Talk softphone on Asterisk 1.8.

Log softphone when connected:
08:36:20 Restarting so settings take effect.
08:36:34 SIP Private IP is:
08:36:34 Attempting to register
08:36:34 Register attempt for proxy failed
08:36:34 403 Forbidden (Bad auth)
08:38:37 SIP Private IP is:

Phone settings (I’m sure that the problem with this softphone, because using the same x-lite is no problem, IP phone registers without problems):

In asterisk log i see authentication error:
[Apr 14 09:36:52] NOTICE[12552] chan_sip.c: Registration from ‘’ failed for ‘’ - Wrong password

If it’s set to remove the secret= and configure ACL, he (softphone) is registered, but do not want to such extreme measures. If someone solve such a problem, please inform if necessary, I will give all the necessary additional information.
Thanks in advance.