NAT problem!

Hi for all,

I have this two topology

  1. IP Phone > Asterisk > sip provider > media gateway > TDM telephone
  2. IP Phone > Asterisk > sip provider > whole sale
  • My asterisk is gateway of my network and have a iptables firewall, it running in 4060 udp port.
  • IP Phone regster in asterisk
  • calls placed to sip provider with destination in TDM telephone is terminated using media gateway in case 1.
  • calls placed to sip providers with all other destinations is terminated by whole sale

Every time o make or receive calls from TDM telephone i can?t hear anything. In asterisk console, i run rtp debug and i can see rtp packets traffic.
The packets show me real IP from media gateway and false ip from my ip phone.

So, i think that media gateway can?t send packets directly to ip phone, how i make asterisk to proxy this connection ??

OBS: if i call other number terminated by whole sale, all works fine. In rtp debug i see real ip from wholesale gateway and false ip from my ip phone.

What can be doing ??

Thanks a lot.