Nat extension with pjsip


I am forced to use pjsip , but I really don’t know how to configure pjsip extension for NAT.
My pbx is using internal IP address and it is behind a router which has public dynamic IP address.
should I use stun ?

how can I configure the extension so that it is working with bi-directional RTP ?

I am using Asterisk 13.17.1 with FreePBX.

with the default pjsip extension config, I don’t see any RTP packets to the IP address in the sdp header from the client.


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yes I saw that documentation. But it is raw Asterisk config which I don’t prefer because I use FreePBX GUI. If I change the config files manually it will conflict with FreePBX.
I need a simple suggestion to change on FreePBX

or, I need to understand the root cause to find the solution. Because I don’t get why Asterisk does not produce any RTP packets now. It receives the media IP of the remote side so it should at least produce the RTP packets to that destination.

You need to ask on as we are not experts on the details an limitations of of FreePBX.

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