NAT Double Whammy


Newbie trying to get 2 x-lite phones to talk to each other. My network configuration is as shown -

X-LITE 1—INTERNET—Router—Firewall—SIP Server—X-LITE 2

As you can see…I’ve got NAT issues. Not just once…but double trouble…

NAT 1 - At the router. (Outside to 192.168.xx.xx)
NAT 2 - At the Firewall. (192.168.xx.xx to 10.0.yy.yy)

I’m trying to get the xlite 1 to register with the SIP server but :frowning:

I’ve forwarded ports 5060 and the RTP range on the router and the firewall has been configured to let traffic on these ports through.

I still get a time out when xlite1 tries to login and register with the SIP server.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.


That’s not enough information!

What “SIP server” are you talking about? Asterisk?

Does the SIP server know what the external (internet) IP address is? Is it a static IP address or a dynamic one?

:blush: Sorry :blush:

SIP Server: Asterisk

Yes. The SIP server knows the public IP. It is dynamic (Not enuff $$ to get a static one…afterall I’m running it at home :wink: ). I change it myself in the conf files if I have to reboot the ADSL router/modem but that doesn’t happen very often…

Any other info that I should provide ?

Well it looks like it should work - but that depends on whether the router and firewall combination is working in the way you want it to be.

Maybe you’d better post more information about your router and firewall setups. For example - where are you doing the NAT? On the router or on the firewall? Is the firewall a separate machine from the asterisk box? If so, why? In fact, why have you got a separate router and firewall? It sounds more complicated than necessary - specially for a home system. But that depends on exactly what your setup is.