NAT Client cannot hear Playback, but can hear calls


I’m running Asterisk 1.8.13 (Debian Wheezy default) and have a strange problem. Clients behind a NAT firewall are connecting fine to my SIP server (internet, has external IP). They can make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls without problems. Only when asterisk itself is the producer of sound (moh, Playback, Background) the client gets only silence.

Client is latest jitsi and configured as follows:


except for the “allow=ulaw” I did not fiddle with codecs. The playback and moh itself is working (using phones calling from the outside). I used the default files packed with asterisk for testing.

I hope you can give me a hint what the problem might be.

Output of “core show translations”:
Output of “core show codecs”:
Output of "sip show peer ":

I really appreciate your help.

Today I upgraded my asterisk to version 11.13.1 (wheezy backports) and it fixed the problem. Unfortunately I do not know why, but maybe this info is of help for someone else.

I have the exact opposite problem :confused: :confused: :confused: