I am trying to configure asterisk with MySQL for user authentication. According to dynamic friends “To enable this, you need to edit the Makefile in the channels directory of your source tree and enable MYSQL_FRIENDS. This enables database definition of both IAX2 and SIP friends. Make sure you have the MySQL development kit (libraries) installed before compilation” url =
But in this make file, i did not find any entry that need to be enable related to dynamic friends or MYSQL_FRIENDS.
Im download Asterisk from
Help me what should i need to do, to enable user authentication from MySQL.


That page you linked to is very old and probably not correct for 1.8.

When building Asterisk, and running ‘make menuslect’ you need to setup all the realtime options. Lookup under functions, pbx modules and resource modules.

Then when you build Asterisk, it will have the ability to operate in ‘realtime’.

You can create the mysql schema for sip using the SQL l provided in contrib/realtime/mysql//sipfriends.sql
Then you need to setup a extconfig.conf file in /etc/asterisk. You should look at the sample file what is provided in the source, configs/extconfig.conf.sample

I do not use realtime, but that is my understanding of the steps involved.