My PBX was not receiving inbound calls for 2 days...why?

Hi guys, earlier in the week my freePBX box, which has been working for 9 months, just randomly stopped accepting inbound calls for two days, then it worked again. I have one pjsip trunk set up with Flowroute. Flowroute is stumped, they said I configured everything correctly. Would it be ok if I posted my full logs from that day, its an attempt to call the pbx when it wasn’t working? Why am I getting the 401 unauthorized error?

Click for My Full Log

Last night I did an experiment and took the match (permit) entries out of the trunk settings. It still accepted the calls. I just can’t accept the thing fixing its self, I want to know exactly why it was broken for two days. Thanks in advance1


Edit: Outbound calls were working fine the whole time

401 is not an error; it is a request for authentication. ITSPs generally are not prepared to authenticate themselves. 401 might be faked if the endpoint was not identified, so that attackers can’t tell the difference between user does not exist and a password being required. It can also happen if you have a user match and it takes precedence over an IP one.

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