Musiconhold frames issue

We are facing issue with musiconhold module of Asterisk 11.25.1 version that when call volume gets high, we start receiving following warnings and issues with calls.

WARNING[8219][C-000030e5] res_musiconhold.c: Failed to write frame to 'SIP/X.X.X.X-000037cc': Success

Can anyone suggest or point out the issue related to above warning?

ast_rtp_instance_write() returned a non zero result without setting a system call error number.

Whilst one could trace the code deeper to see what would cause that, I think one can safely say it isn’t specific to music on hold, or even chan_sip, and given the other information, it is almost certainly the result of overloading the system.

There is a fair chance that there will be a debug message available, giving more details.

Note that Asterisk 11 is no longer supported.

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