Music on Hold on direct RTP


I’ve Asterisk with “direct RTP” and “Music on Hold” enabled. Now it’s all fine when the 2 peers of a call are 2 hardphone, but when one peer is a pc voip client (i.e. Jitsi) there is a strange issue :

  • Pc Voip client puts on hold but the other peer hears no music.
    On wireshark i see that Asterisk sends the Music but also the other peer(PC) sends an rtp stream so the peer receive 2 simultaneous streams.

Any help?

You haven’t specified what version of Asterisk, provided a SIP trace, or shown the configuration so it’s impossible to know what is exactly going on.

I will say that a re-invite back to Asterisk is supposed to happen when music on hold is initiated when in a direct media scenario.

That might be the case in later versions, but is not the case for