Music on hold doesnt work in DeadAGI

Hi Friends,
I have a DEADAGI Script being called from asterisk. Everything is working fine, but for the music on hold.
When I ask asterisk to play music on hold while I do some other things (DB connectivity etc), it just plays silence.
I have observed the MOH classes etc and everything is fine. In face, the music is played if I replave AGI for DEADAGI in the script call from Asterisk. So I can assure that the MOH functionality is fine.
What I want is a olution to play music on hold when using DeadAGI.
Please help.

I am pretty sure that DeadAGI is supposed to be called after a channel has hung up… meaning it probably shouldn’t be used to play audio to an active channel.

Why are you trying to use DeadAGI instead of AGI?

I have seen on last * versions that Deadagi is not executed if you hangup your exension dialplan in this case goto h exten directly
you can exec Deadagi on h exten.
This is a big problem if you have something to do on database
because when jumping to h many $var are lost.