Multiple SIP Trunks

In reference to this link: … 34066.html

I have the same setup which will go in production in a couple of weeks. I’m using Asterisk 1.6.2 on CentOS 5.4 and i’ve confirmed that all incoming calls are using the last trunk entry in sip.conf.

Given that it’s the effect of the Asterisk architecture, will i encounter any problems if 100 concurrent incoming calls uses that same trunk entry? I’ve only tested 2 concurrent incoming calls and no problem so far.

Are there any other solutions?

Thank you.

you have multiple SIP trunks or multiple incoming calls on the same trunk?

the issue it is with multiple SIP trunks which point to the same IP address

or maybe I wrongly understand your message.


Hi indreias,

I have multiple register lines for each account in sip.conf coming from the same provider, so i created contexts for each of them. No problem with outgoing, they use their own context but with incoming calls, they all use the last context entry in sip.conf (as per the link to my first post). I’m not that sure if i’ll encounter any problem when i get 100 concurrent calls if all incoming calls are using that same context.

Can Asterisk still handle the calls? or are there any other solutions?


ok - now I understand your point.

From my experience there will be no problems to serve 100 simultaneous calls with the same context. Your problems (if any) will be related to the CPU/memory/bandwidth and not that they will share the same context (which, btw, is a configuration issue and not something related to the load).


I can only confirm this with up to 4 concurrent incoming calls from the same VoSP with different accunts on the same context with no problem. Since I created a dialplan context per register line to handle incoming calls for each account and they all defaulted to the dialplan context of the last context entry in sip.conf, this makes all other dialplan contexts useless.