Multiple simultaneous calls

Hello everyone! So I’ve been having lots of trouble figuring out how to accomplish what I’m trying to accomplish.

I have three SIP devices set to auto answer and I have one SIP phone. I want to set up an extension to call on my phone where when I talk my voice is projected on all three SIP devices that are set to auto answer any calls coming to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The Page application[1] was written for this purpose. It calls multiple devices and conferences them in, so they all hear the same thing.


Do you have any quick examples you could link me so I could implement it?

I don’t have anything handy but the application works pretty much the same as Dial (and accepts dial strings the same way). Using a Local channel you can place calls through the dialplan which add the appropriate header for auto-answer.

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Here’s what I use for Intercom Paging. It reads from a database: int_data will be something like SIP/12345&SIP/12346&SIP/12347… The int_direction is either 1 or 2 for unidirectional paging (no return audio) or bidirectional (allows for audio both ways).

exten    => _*[0-5]X,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=${CHANNEL:4:5})
same    => n,Answer()

same    => n,Set(ARRAY(int_data,int_direction)=${ODBC_READSQL(SELECT int_data\, int_direction from extensions left outer join intercom on ext_intercom_group=int_id where int_dialed=\"${EXTEN}\" and ext_dialed='${CALLERID(num)}')})

same    => n,GotoIf($["${int_data}" = ""]?hangup)
same    => n,GotoIf($["${int_direction}" = "1"]?unidirectional)
same    => n,GotoIf($["${int_direction}" = "2"]?bidirectional)
same    => n(hangup),GoTo(h,1)

same    => n(unidirectional),SIPAddHeader(Call-Info:\;answer-after=0)
same    => n,Page(${int_data},i,30)
same    => n,Hangup()

same    => n(bidirectional),SIPAddHeader(Call-Info:\;answer-after=0)
same    => n,Page(${int_data},id,30)
same    => n,Hangup()

exten    => i,1,Hangup()
exten    => t,1,Hangup()
exten    => h,1,Hangup()