Multiple Extension on same LED

Hi guys

We have a problem we can not solve.

Software / Hardware:

  • Asterisk 13 / FreePbx
  • Snom Phones

Each Phone has 2 extensions (Example: 21, 1121). The reason that we need 2 extension per phone is: Every phone is inside the caller group of the Company mainnumber. So every day they are 99 missed calls on the phone. The user want only see the missed calls of his direct number and not from the caller group.

So we made a Workaround with 2 extensions each phone:

  • Extension 1 (example 21) Shows all missed calls
  • Extension 2 (example 1121, caller group Company mainnumber) don’t Show missed numbers.

Can we program the LEDS on the snom that Extension 1 and 2 Shows the busy Status on the same LED? Is there another way to disable missing calls for Caller Group and activate is for direct call on Extension. Inside the Snom we can only activate/deactivate it per Line.

Sorry for my english :smile:

Thank you all!