Multilinugual voice prompts and MBROLA TTS?

  1. How can I have a multilinugal (English, French, German and Swedish etc.) voice prompts (selectable by the caller like for English, press 1; for French, press 2; for German, press 3 and for Swedish, press 4), is that possible with the same asterisk box?

  2. And for text to speech engine, which one of the these at is the ideal one to integrate with asterisk?

  1. yes it is. Record all your prompts with filename like wlecome-english.gsm. then through your menu, do things like

exten => wahtever,1,Background(welcome-${lang})

at the beginning of the call set ${lang} with something like

exten => 1,1,Set(lang=english)
exten => 2,1,Set(lang=spanish)
etc etc

as for the voice synthesis you couild probably hack it together, but the two that are known to work are Festival (free) and Cepstral/Swift (commercial).

Thank you IronHelix, you are superb! :smile: I will try and get back if I get any problem.