Multicast message to station from server!

As…/asterisk_quick_start_guide.pdf give information about sip use tcp/udp & aix,mgp2, etc use udp & lots of information.
Currently i am using only one network for connect all stations ie
& i send broadcast packet from server to all stations, then stations send udp packet to server.
But now i am trying to use multicasting in this.
So i need to create groups like as group1, as group2 etc.
All this comes under networking so needs to get help from network administrator, but i try network simulator program to learn whats happens.
So i learn that if we want 2 pc in one multicast group then we have to configure in that 2 pcs network settings & we have to add that group address in router settings also. If we do only router setting & those 2 pc have only network address & ip then they are not in multicast group & we can not send mulitcast packet from 1 pc to another. I think same technique use in stations & server communication.
I this type of scenario is asterisk play any role? any conf file/setting/else should be modified?

What exactly you are trying to acchieve with this? This is not a behavior that Asterisk would support.

Thanks dejanst,
I just want to know for doing activity like ‘multicast messaging from one station to server or server to many stations which are in mulitcast group’, is not relate to any asterisk setting or conf file or complete asterisk.
If for doing this asterisk comes in picture then i have to find out how. or else concentrate on other ways excluding asterisk.

SIP is not a multicast protocol.

Thanks david55,

OK, but i want to know any how asterisk helps or not for multicast messaging station to server or server to station?
This is because i am not asterisk user from long time so not know all details.
From networking books i got info that for doing multicast messaging we have to configure router & nodes etc which comes under topic networking.
I just want to confirmation from expert about asterisk.
Sorry for trouble.

It doesn’t.

This topic closed from my side.