Multi Server Group Count


I have multiple asterisk servers running and I have a service running that requires group count though it’s working great with a single box of asterisk. The problem occurs when a single box goes out of capacity and I have to route the inbound call to another box where I am not able to find how many concurrent calls in the box that ran out of capacity. If I somehow could calculate all the boxes group count I could really scale my service.

So can I achieve it with ARI/ARIPROXY or I will be needing a proxy server that rejects the call on the basis of concurrency?

I heard about ARIPROXY. Will it be possible if I use that?
Please advise the best I could do with it.


ARI is just a telephony application programming interface Asterisk provides, what you do in ARI and how it works is up to you. You could theoretically use it for this purpose. It’s up to you to put those pieces together however.

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