MS SQL SERVER With Asterisk

Hi Guys

I am developing VRU in Asterisk and I need to use the SQL SERVER 2000 database hosted on another server.

Is there any way to connect Asterisk with Ms SqlServer using AGI?

Thanks In Advance

if you’re using AGI, there is no link between Asterisk and the db backend … it’s a function of the engine you’re using. what are you using ?

I didn’t get your question.

I just want to get values from SQLSERVER during a call (VRU Call)…
How I can do this?

what platform are you developing this AGI script in ? that’s where you need to look for db-integration modules/add-ons etc … not in Asterisk itself.

if you’re using Perl, you need Perl modules to talk to ODBC, if PHP, then PHP modules to talk ODBC … as well as having the appropriate ODBC install on the machine in the first place.

Well I am Using Perl …
I was looking at … 32odbc.asp

here we have
three typical methods used to connect to SQL Server from Perl:

* Through Win32::ODBC
* Through ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) using Win32::OLE
* Through Perl DBI (the standard database interface for Perl)

Right now I am looking into DBI… If it communicate with Sql Server then It is kool…

If you have any further suggestions please write…

Thanks for your help…