Moving Asterisk To A Second Network Interface

I am a VERY new user of * and I have what is probably a VERY basic question.

I am running a server with dual NICs and I would like to run * on the second NIC as the first one is connected to a /30 subnet and has no more available addresses. The * setup on the second NIC would be a private LAN segment with nothing but phones on it. Presumably I would need to run a DHCP server on that second NIC so as to address the phones as they are connected.

How do I configure * to run on the second NIC rather than the first?


Do you need to deny traffic from one of the nics? If not then you will not have to do anything special. Asterisk will accept connections from both by default and you can define what to IP to bind to in the protocol config files (IE: sip,iax).

what I need to do is make sure that no part of * is running on eth0 (my WAN link). From what you are saying, I just need to specify that the protocols (SIP, etc…) are bound to eth1 which will inherritly remove them from eth0.

Am I correct in that assumption?