Monitoring: is it possible to get calls status?

For our monitoring station to our system overall health and testing, we need to have calls status .
We need to see the status of the concurrent calls that are going.
incoming, outgoing, connected, failed

You could use res_snmp

Yes, its possible, in this case, you create a macro, what can be the variables ${HANGUPCAUSE} or ${DIALSTATUS}.

The variable HangupCause, you get cause codes in ISUP format, interval 0 to 127.

The variable ${DIALSTATUS}, you get status (answer,busy,noanswer,cancel,congestion,chanunavail,dontcall,torture,invalidargs).

The diference between this two variables, is detailing of the variable Hangupcause is much higher, can convert in Sip Cause, facilitating call diagnosis.

Sorry my english, im still learning =)

I’d recommend a Hangup Handler over a Macro, Macro’s were replaced with Subroutines a number of versions back and don’t have stack problems like Macros did.

yeah john, im oldschool =), macro+agi is very fast, manipulate strings on pear is wonderful, im using asterisk version 1.8, so i sayed with base on my macro.