MixMonitor stops on attended transfer calls

We are using MixMonitor within our dialplan. Now we have the following problem:

when someone transfer a call to a different user (attend transfer), MixMonitor stops recording. We see this behavious also when in the Dialplan a call is placed to a diffent section (something like: Dial(Local/100@other-section-dialplan).

We don’t see MixMonitor to stop with unattended transfer (blind transfer).

Is this a bug and/or how can we fix this?


I believe it’s down to the fact the local channels are used on attended transfers, so the call information disappears when the transfer completes. Mixmonitor then stops.

I have not seen any work arounds for this obvious problem. Don’t know if 1.6 will be any better. It’s sadly a case that development doesn’t focus too much on real world issues, but more on ‘kool’ features.

Passing the original caller ID on attended transfers suffers a similar fate too.