MixMonitor creating 44 Bytes of recording file

Asterisk 16.13.0


Hi Team,

I am trying to start recording only when channel gets bridged.
I have noticed that when I pass “b” option with MixMonitor application, its creating 44 Byte of wav file for calls which are not yet bridged. and once channel gets bridged, recording data gets appended to wav files.

Due to this asterisk is generating huge number of 44bytes files for unbridged calls.

This is working perfectly fine with but not with 16.13.0. Please help.

Thanks in Advance,


I imagine that 44 byte is the size of the RIFF metadata on an file with 0 bytes of media. Creating the file early seems a reasonable strategy, especially as one would normally expect media to pass on most calls. I think you will need to use find to purge the directory of these.

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